Daniel von Rüdiger is documentarist and media artist.

His artistic work is based in the field of social documentation and music visualization.
After he studied Media-Design in Munich he did his Master in Design- and Communications Strategy at the University of Applied Science, Augsburg, Germany and his Master in Visual Communication and Iconic Research at the Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland. He is currently doing his PhD at the University of Art and Design, Linz, Austria. His research and artistic major is the comparison and connection of rhythm in aural and visual media.

He is doing social documentation for NGOs and cultural institutions. His work is presented in an artistic as well as in an ethnological context.

As an Musician he was one of the founding fathers and singer of the band chromatic BLaCK (former RiffRaff) which was produced by Jörg Evers, distributed by Sony Music and under the record company OK! good. In cooperation with the musician Carl Creepy he is 0101.

He works as an research assistant and lecturer for photography at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland.




2013   ‚Normadic Art Camp‘ The national Museum of Fine Arts;
Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan;

2014   ‚Az W Photo Award‘; Center for Architecture;
Vienna, Austria;

2015   ‚Tanz der Ahnen‘ Martin Gropius Bau;
Berlin / Germany

2015   ‚einfach, schwer: Leben in Papua Neuguinea‘ Stadtbibliothek;
Rosenheim / Germany

2015   art muc;
München / Germany

2015   ‚Tanz der Ahnen‘ Rietberg Museum;
Zürich / Switzerland



screenings (selection)

2010   ISFF International Short Film Festival
Detmold / Germany

2010   FMX; Eyes & Ears Junior Showcase
Stuttgart / Germany

2010   EMAF; European Media Art Festival
Osnabrück / Germany

2013   MTV Campus; national airplay

2015   Expo Milano 2015; German Pavilion; Institut for New Media;
Milano / Italy

2015   Oslo Night; House for Electronic Arts
Basel / Switzerland