Kanu belong Keram

documentary short film

Kanu belong Keram is a document of the building of a canoe in the remote village Kambot. It is located at the jungle river Keram, which is a side stream of the great jungle river Sepik in Papua New Guinea. The building of a canoe can be seen as an example of the importance and greatness of community work. Just the strength of many people can achieve something so big and heavy. The indigene population is highly adapted to their environment. The strength of their bodies, the synchronization as a group is compensating the lack of technical equipment.

Film by Daniel von Rüdiger

thank you tru
Kambot Village

Markus Nowep,  Epi Mari, Sentoni Mupa, Gregor Mokoinyamb,  Jandu Mokoinyam, Peter Wariomb, Laro Mokoinyamb, Kipa Gaindumi,  Robert Kimbinja, Patrick Mupa, Robert Gowa, Akot Kimbinja,  Kem Gaindumi,  Yongi Mokoinyamb

produced by
Elizabeth Cox

co-produced by
Museum der Kulturen Basel
for the exhibition
GROSS Dinge Deutungen Dimensionen

Music by
0101 | Carl, Daniel von Rüdiger | www.0101.wtf

„Kanu“ 2016 Mixdown & Mastering at Hicktown Records Audio Engineer Reinhard Gross